What's Empleyo 2.0 ?

 "Empleyo" is Filipino translation of  the word "employment"  and 2.0 means "better version."  Thus this blog/ blogger aims


  • To give practical, and empowering  tips  about working in Metro Manila
  • To be an avenue for applicants, employees, employers, and businessmen
  • To provide  insights and awareness about employment in the Philippines
  • To be your online buddy in accessing  news, updates, trends, and  job opportunities


  • To be a full blown power bank of  talents and source of career and business opportunities  
  • To publish  Filipino newspaper magazine about Human Resource, Startups, young professionals,and Self-Employment- including gig economy, Startups,Side Hustling, etc. 

Empleyo 2.0  is one of the branch out /niche blogs ( aside from In the Entertainment Zone) of   aspectos de hitokiriHOSHI.  

The Publisher's Note

Hi I am Hitokirihoshi or Hoshi, if you want to know more about me, please visit About Page of Hoshilandia  

My idea of this blogsite is to post topics and persuade movement about  personal Career and Employment management. If this happen, I believe success in work-life balancesmooth business operations, and financial independence/wealth creation are achievable.

I also like to match people  who are looking for opportunities  and those who are offering them.  
Often, I encounter employers/businessmen/headhunters having difficulties to find staff and  acquaintances looking for jobs. I'm looking for occupants for certain jobs of my present/past employers too. 

If you have inquiries and would like to submit your resume, go ahead! My dedicated email for that is virtualgonzales@gmail.com.  

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